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Journal of Shenyang Normal University(Social Science Edition)

ISSN 1000-5226 
Organizer: shen yang shi fan da xue  
Publisher: shen yang shi fan da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is hosted by Shenyang Normal University, Liaoning Provincial Department of Education in charge, to reflect the liberal arts school in Shenyang Normal University, the hospital, the teaching and research-based comprehensive theoretical journal, publishes the text, history, philosophy, economics, law , teaching and other academic disciplines. Journal founded in 1977, 1983 public offering in 2003, renamed "Shenyang Normal University (Social Science)." September 1999, was named the first National Social Science Journal hundred, in December 1999 as "China Journal" contains full text journals, "China Academic Journal (CD)" contains full text journals, "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "and" China Humanities and Social Science Citation Database "source journals. (Translated by machine.)