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Journal of Experimental Mechanics

ISSN 1001-4888 
Organizer: zhong guo li xue xue hui zhong guo ke ji da xue  
Publisher: shi yan li xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Experimental Mechanics" by China Mechanics Institute and the China Science and Technology of the University's academic journals. Founded in 1986. Bimonthly, domestic and international public offering. The journal aims to reflect our research institutes, universities and engineering units in the field of experimental mechanics and dynamics of the latest research results, reports of Experimental Mechanics in solving major problems in engineering design and technical progress and effect. Experimental Mechanics published in the field of the main creative theoretical and experimental research and engineering applications papers, research on new directions for Experimental Mechanics Review and Prospect, research presentations, seminars, exchange of teaching experience, test equipment development and application reports. "Experimental Mechanics" is the core of the mechanical class in Chinese journals, and the National Science and Technology Commission of China SCIENTIFIC Source Journal, Journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database source. (Translated by machine.)