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Experiment Science and Technology

ISSN 1672-4550 
Organizer: si chuan sheng gao jiao xue hui dian zi ke ji da xue  
Publisher: shi yan ke xue yu ji shu za zhi she  
Description: Magazine was founded in 1988 by the five southwestern provinces and one municipality - Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet University, organized by the Electronic Science and Technology Publishing House Books for College Laboratory and experimental techniques and laboratory Management Proceedings publication, a total of fifteen years out of 61 (series), the printing of nearly 200,000, in a wide range of colleges and universities in the country. Purpose of the magazine are: personnel training center, to explore to improve the quality of experimental teaching, laboratory management and the overall efficiency of the new ideas, new approaches and new initiatives, exchange of research results and experience in reform; as universities, research institutes, technology companies engaged in scientific experiments and technology teachers, graduate students, researchers, engineering and laboratory technicians to provide a place of academic exchanges; of various types of laboratory construction management, open, team building and improve investment efficiency of the common problems; communication equipment design and development, function development, maintenance management and technical material supply management research and experience. Readers are mainly: universities, research institutions, research enterprises engaged in teaching, science and technology experimental work of teachers, researchers, and engineering and laboratory technicians; in the laboratory building, state-owned asset management, technology related to material supply and management personnel; in the experiment (learning) set the instrument design, development, function development, production and sales as well as enthusiastic about the work of experimental activities in science and technology graduate students and college students. More ...  (Translated by machine.)