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Petroleum Engineering Construction

ISSN 1001-2206 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you ji tuan gong cheng ji shu yan jiu yuan zhong guo shi you gong cheng jian she ji tuan gong si  
Publisher: shi you gong cheng jian she bian ji bu  
Description: "Petroleum Engineering Construction" National Chinese core journals, a publication. Publication by the director of China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum Group Engineering Technology Research Institute and the China Petroleum Engineering Construction (Group) Corporation, founded in 1975, is the field of petroleum and petrochemical infrastructure projects established the first professional technical publications. Specifically reported that oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipelines, oil storage tanks, refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical joint ventures in the engineering construction and technological transformation. The main part of a study, project review, welding, corrosion insulation, construction and installation, machinery equipment, natural gas, engineering design, project management, engineering materials, testing technology, clean technology, lifting, accident handling, Information & including the other. (Translated by machine.)