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Journal of China University of Petroleum(Edition of Natural Science)

ISSN 1673-5005 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you da xue  
Publisher: zhong guo shi you da xue zi ran ke xue ban bian ji bu  
Description: Petroleum University (Natural Science) is the head of the Ministry of Education, the University's integrated petroleum academic journals, mainly reports of oil and other petroleum university teachers of academic research scientists. History of the original "Beijing Petroleum Institute", founded in 1959, title was "Beijing Petroleum Institute," internal communication. Discontinued before the Cultural Revolution. Resume publication in 1977, changed its name to "East China Petroleum Institute," internal communication. December 1979 approved by the Ministry of Petroleum Publications ,1977-1981 public offering occasional year in 1982 as a quarterly. 12 period of 1987 public offering of National Science Committee approved the publication. 1988, corresponding with the name of the school changed its name to "University of Petroleum (Natural Science Edition)" and changed from a bi-monthly starting in July that year. Purpose of the magazine of running the Party, and encourage scientific and technological innovation, training of petroleum science and technology personnel, to provide academic exchange platform. Post the contents of the oil exploration and development, oil refining and chemical industry, petroleum machinery and its design, management of petroleum engineering, automatic control technology and information engineering, computer science and applied and basic science. Indexed by the U.S., "Engineering Index" (EI), United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ), Japan's "scientific literature quick report" (JICST) and the domestic "China Petroleum Abstracts," " China Chemical Chemical Abstracts, "more than a dozen magazines included in the database, and abstracts  (Translated by machine.)