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Laboratory Animal Science

ISSN 1006-6179 
Organizer: bei jing shi yan dong wu xue xue hui bei jing shi yan dong wu yan jiu zhong xin bei jing shi yan dong wu guan li wei yuan hui  
Publisher: shi yan dong wu ke xue bian ji bu  
Description: Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1984, Beijing Agricultural University, founder of experimental animals, "Laboratory Animal Science Journal", 1985 Quarterly to 1987, jointly organized with the Beijing Institute of Laboratory Animal, 1988, by the Beijing Institute of Laboratory Animal, Laboratory Animal Research Center, Beijing jointly organized by the Beijing Association for Science, Science and Technology Commission head, changed its name to "Beijing Laboratory Animal Science", 1991 published by the Science and Technology Commission approved the public in 1994, renamed "Laboratory Animal Science and Management", by the Beijing Laboratory Animal Society, Beijing Laboratory Animal Management Committee, the Beijing Laboratory Animal Research Center co-sponsored, and joined the network of academic journals. 2007 to "Laboratory Animal Science" (Translated by machine.)