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Journal of Further Education of Shaanxi Normal University

ISSN 1009-3826 
Organizer: shan xi shi fan da xue  
Publisher: shan xi shi fan da xue ji xu jiao yu xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the Ministry of Education, Shaanxi Normal University, organized directly under the comprehensive academic publications. The socialist journal publication adhere to the correct direction for the training of teachers of basic education services for adult education teaching and research services. To highlight the characteristics of continuing education, dissemination of research information, and improve the structure of adult intelligence, for the purpose of promoting education in modern life; to focus on practical, emphasizing the academic, reflects Teachers, highlighting the features of Adult Education, Continuing Education publishes theoretical study of adult education and associated with the continuing education of professional research papers. (Translated by machine.)