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Chinese Annals of Mathematics,Series A

ISSN 1000-8134 
Organizer: fu dan da xue  
Publisher: shu xue nian kan a ji bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of Fudan University, as commissioned by the State Education Commission organized, well-known mathematician Su Buqing Honorary Fellow of the editor, the editor in chief Academician Li Qian's (1999), a comprehensive home and abroad for the mathematical journals, mainly published in Chinese Pure and applied mathematics both creative and academic papers, including geometry, topology, algebra, number theory, partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, control theory, functional analysis, function theory, computational mathematics, probability and statistics, operations research, mathematical logic and other branches of mathematics papers. For university teachers, graduate students, high school students and in mathematics, applied mathematics researchers and other mathematicians. "Numerical Mathematics" in March 1980 when the English founded quarterly, since 1983, points A, B two series, including Series A bimonthly in Chinese; B series of quarterly in English, A, B two series of content is not repeated. Since 1988, A part of the series of articles translated into English to Chinese Journal of Contemporary Mathematics ("Contemporary Mathematics") of the title, published by the United States Dayton Allen published in the United States, four times a year. (Translated by machine.)