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Journal of Mathematics Education

ISSN 1004-9894 
Organizer: tian jin shi fan da xue zhong guo jiao yu xue hui  
Publisher: shu xue jiao yu xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal's purpose: to serve primary and secondary schools and higher education reform of Mathematics Curriculum and Mathematics Education Reform, established the modern view of mathematics education, mathematics education advocates contend Academy of Sciences, to promote mathematics education in China by the examination-oriented education to quality education, reflecting the mathematics education practice and new achievements in reform to play on mathematics education research and practice of the guiding role. Effort to the lingua franca of the advanced theory, we may learn the quality of the education reform measures experiments with revealing the academic contention, secondary mathematics education reform fruitful and forward-looking education reform of secondary and higher mathematics concepts and ideas and empirical research Conclusion dedicated to the cause of and interested in mathematics education research university mathematics education, primary and secondary mathematics teachers and mathematics education researchers. (Translated by machine.)