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Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Medicine

ISSN 1009-7090 
Organizer: tian jin shi sheng wu yi xue gong cheng xue hui tian jin yi ke da xue di san zhong xin yi yuan  
Publisher: sheng wu yi xue gong cheng yu lin chuang bian ji bu  
Description: Publication a clinical and biomedical engineering connecting a comprehensive publication. China's scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China), and has entered the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" (Chem Abstract), Russia's "Digest Magazine" (AJ of VINITI) and other international retrieval systems. Purpose is biomedical engineering journal and clinical theory and practice, covering biomedical engineering and related disciplines of clinical medicine, focusing on bio-medical engineering applications in clinical medicine research and new technologies, new experiences, the promotion of new achievements. Starting point to the goal of biomedical engineering, to highlight the clinical features, related to medical devices, biomechanics, biomaterials, artificial organs, biological control, bio-medical information such as measurement and treatment research in the field, and clinical engineering. Articles in the "Articles - Digital Periodicals", "China Journal", "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" and can be searched online. Magazine for large opening 16, 64 pages, bi-monthly (25 monthly published each year), domestic public offering. (Translated by machine.)