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Orthopaedic Biomechanics Materials and Clinical Study

ISSN 1672-5972 
Organizer: hu bei sheng yi liao qi xie xie hui  
Publisher: sheng wu gu ke cai liao yu lin chuang yan jiu za zhi she  
Description: Publication is based on biological materials, orthopedics, medical devices with a focus on, highlight of Orthopaedics and the combination of clinical research, reflecting trends in orthopedics clinical skills development and application of surface, reflecting a combination of University Medical professional journals. 2006 was named "China's scientific papers Source Journals." The purpose of the magazine publication: for the relevant scientific and technical personnel, experts, scholars, students and the general health workers to provide a platform for exchange and learning as relevant personnel to understand the industry newsletter, medical information, dynamic information industry Inn: Biomedical show materials industry the latest research results and promote clinical research in the medical fields of application, production and research to accelerate the integration process: to consolidate and strengthen China's biomedical research and clinical applications material status and role in promoting domestic and foreign experts and organizations related to the contact areas and cooperation. (Translated by machine.)