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Digital & Micrographic Imaging

ISSN 1672-495X 
Organizer: bei jing dian ying ji xie yan jiu suo  
Publisher: suo wei ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine has been carrying out since the founding of combining popularization with the raising of Publication to spread mainly to applications, and gradually increase; for the country and abroad extensive information management to reflect the level and trend of development of the industry, reports Micrographics new achievements in science and technology and related technology, new product information; the microfilm technology research and exchange of experiences and technical workers for the industry and microform services; serious implementation of the national and the Beijing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of the regulations, policies to comply with editorial rules and quality standards and continuously improve the quality and level of journals, efforts to expand circulation, the magazine truly run microfilm technology staff mentor. A research and publication production, application and promotion, exchange of experiences, the reader forum, scientific and technological developments, standardization, technical seminars, the association of 17 garden columns, was welcomed by readers. (Translated by machine.)