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Ecological Economy

ISSN 1673-0178 
Organizer: yun nan jiao yu chu ban she si chuan li gong xue yuan he ban  
Publisher: sheng tai jing ji ying wen ban bian ji bu  
Description: "Ecological economy" (English version) (CN53-1197 / F, ISSN1673-0178), in the "ecological economy" (Chinese version) based on the revision and innovation, from Yunnan and Sichuan Institute of Education Publishing House jointly, was 2005 Founded in January and published. "Ecological economy" (English version) to ecological concerns, for the purpose of the service economy, ecological concerns and economic sustainable development, to build a harmonious society between man and nature responsibility, exploration and research of man and nature, ecology, ecological (green) economic and ecological (green) industry, population, resources and environment, economic and social sustainable development, regional economic development of western regions and rural issues related fields such as theory, method and technology innovation, the main point of view these areas published novel, profound ideas, and cutting-edge scientific research papers, academic papers, research results, to promote the development of the discipline. The journal is quarterly, 16 open, 112 pages, price 20 yuan each, can subscribe to the post office across the country, Youfadaihao :64-50. Annual Ministerial for publication Supplement to issue, breaking set, zero-purchase business. (Translated by machine.)