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Cement Engineering

ISSN 1007-0389 
Organizer: nan jing shui ni gong ye she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: jiang su shui ni gong cheng za zhi she  
Description: Publication by the Nanjing Cement Industry Design and Research Institute director / host, the domestic and international technology public offering of class journals. It is the professional reporting of all sizes (kiln type) cement production line experience in the production and construction, design and research results of the dynamic, the cement industry of new technology, new equipment, new technology and new research and development and application of control practices, as well as forward-looking cement industry technical ideas and scientific information. Reader-oriented groups are: cement manufacturers, cement equipment manufacturers, and the cement industry and other inorganic materials related to professional and other professional and technical staff, universities, research institutes, government management personnel. ...  (Translated by machine.)