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Digital Space

ISSN 1671-8313 
Organizer: tian jin dian zi xin xi ying yong jiao yu zhong xin tian jin shi ke xue ji shu xin xi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shu ma shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: "Digital World" magazine by the Tianjin People's Government Information Office director, Tianjin Science and Technology Information Institute sponsored by the State Press and Publication Administration approval, the official publication of the domestic public offering. "Digital World" magazine is the authoritative publication of Tianjin IT industry. It is our understanding of national information, government information, business information, the preferred way to information society. "Digital World" focuses on a fortnightly information on the process of domestic and international publicity, IT session of the cutting-edge technology, enterprise information technology trends and success stories, the latest IT product reviews recommended ... ... the reader insight into the application of information technology an important medium. "Digital World" is highlighted under the half-monthly fashion consumer digital entertainment and information reporting, evaluation and trial-oriented, comprehensive attention to digital photography, digital camera, digital music, AV audio and video entertainment products and applications, concerns mobile phones, PDAs, notebook computers and other mobile communications and wireless Internet devices, mobile communications and wireless Internet guide the avant-garde trend of the times, so magazines in the entertainment, ornamental, practical, and so on to a new level.  (Translated by machine.)