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Life Science Instruments

ISSN 1671-7929 
Organizer: bei jing shi bei fen yi qi ji shu gong si  
Publisher: sheng ming ke xue yi qi bian ji bu  
Description: 21st century will be a new era of life science, life sciences will be the lead in this century science, life science development depends scientific instruments, scientific instruments along with the progress of science and development. Advanced bio-technology requires advanced equipment guarantee the development of scientific instruments will be a national scientific and technological level of the concentrated expression. Most developed countries of scientific instruments, life science and biotechnology is the most advanced. "Life Science Instruments," leaders at all levels and many experts and scholars and the general strong support of science and technology workers, in line with key development areas - life sciences and the birth of a professional scientific journals. Technology is a national academic A life sciences journals, core journals of China (selection) database Source Journals, Articles - Digital Periodicals Full-text online journals, China Academic Journal (chinese ournal fulltext database) contains full-text journals, data center is included in the major libraries, the domestic and international public offering of high-tech, life sciences leading professional journals. Readers are widely involved in Quanguo tertiary institutions, research institutes, life sciences, health care, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and other high-tech research, applications of scientific research personnel, in the Ph.D. study, graduate and medical and health practitioners, life science and technology laboratory, laboratories, laboratory researchers and purchase equipment management personnel, the use of personnel. (Translated by machine.)