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Journal of Sanming University

ISSN 1673-4343 
Organizer: san ming xue yuan  
Publisher: san ming xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Sanming College" purpose of the magazine: the correct political orientation, active academic atmosphere, exchange of academic experience in the construction, display research, to enhance the teaching hospital, research and management and quality of personnel training services. "Sanming College" strict implementation of editing and publishing manuscripts of three trial system. Editorial Department developed a "Sanming College," manuscript handling system and "Sanming College," Peer Review system. "Sanming College," Editorial Department has a high political quality, service and strong editorial team. Editor, deputy editor of the State Press and Publication Administration participated in the training courses organized by the editor of posts, job training certificate holders. Zhao Feng researcher for the current editor, editorial director for the Professor Wang Zongchi. (Translated by machine.)