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Water Resources Development Research

ISSN 1671-1408 
Organizer: shui li bu fa zhan yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: shui li fa zhan yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Charge by the Ministry of Water Resources publication, Water Resources and Development Research Centre of the comprehensive academic publications. The positioning of publication of scientific research areas of soft water system, a comprehensive academic journals, national integrated water resources development strategy report, water policy, legal system, water economy, water management, water conservancy construction and other aspects of information and the policies, theory, technology and experience for the sustainable development of water utilities to provide services and support, working closely around the center and focus of Ministry of Water Resources, Water Resources Development of China's universal, key major issues, and initiating discussion on the theory and practice, while relying on the Ministry of Water Resources Development Research Center, information superiority, and introduced the foreign advanced theory and experience. This publication for water utilities in the related work with leading organizations, researchers, managers of enterprises, universities and students and the general primary water workers. People magazine selected 2001 Press and Publication Administration of China Journal Square (double-effect journals), and Chinese Academic Journal (CD), China Journal Net, the number of Articles - Digital Periodicals included. The journal is international public offering, monthly, large 16 mo, 10 month publication, each priced 6 million, the year 12 a total of 72 million. If students go to subscribers around the post office (the) subscription can also be directly linked with the publication. Contributions are welcome, subscriptions, and for their valuable comments. ISSN: ISSN1671-1408, CN11-4655/TV code: Mailroom 2-784 domestic and foreign 6441M Address: Beijing Liupukang Tak Development Research Center of Ministry of Water Resources Tel: (010) 82071270 (010) 82076521 Fax (010) 82076502 Postcode: 100011 E-mail: wrdr @ water info.com.cn (Translated by machine.)