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Advances in Water Science

ISSN 1001-6791 
Organizer: nan jing shui li ke xue yan jiu yuan zhong guo shui li xue hui  
Publisher: shui ke xue jin zhan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is based on the theme of water as discussed in academic journals, mainly reports on the water cycle of new facts, new concepts, new theories and new methods, reflecting the domestic and foreign in the storm, flood, drought, water resources, water environment and other fields of scientific The latest technology achievements, important progress, standards and contemporary trends. Exchange of new scientific research, technical experience and scientific developments. Involved in all disciplines related to water, including hydrological science, atmospheric science, marine science, geology, geography, environmental science, water science and water mechanics, glaciology, water chemistry, ecology, aquatic biology and law, economics and management science in water-related content. (Translated by machine.)