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World Chinese Medicine

ISSN 1673-7202 
Organizer: shi jie zhong yi yao xue hui lian he hui  
Publisher: shi jie zhong yi yao bian ji bu  
Description: "World of Medicine" magazine is the People's Republic of Press and Publication Administration formally approved by the State Administration of Traditional head of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies sponsored a comprehensive academic journal of Chinese medicine, is the world together international, professional magazine. In November 2006 to be officially published, bimonthly, domestic and foreign public offering. "World of Medicine" magazine in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote academic exchange and promote development of Chinese medicine for the purpose of strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, dissemination of medical culture and improve the academic standards of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to promote international development mission. Publication of the journal is to improve the balance between universal principles, both inheritance and innovation, to show the medical community's most authoritative academic achievements. "World of Medicine" magazine and strive to achieve not only reflects the world of high-quality academic research in medicine, but also Chinese medicine practitioners to meet the national skills needs. Therefore, set the various columns, such as scientific research, scientific developments, experimental research, clinical research, clinical reports, the name of clinical experience, theoretical research, review, forums, international standardization of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and teaching. In addition, the magazine also published in Chinese medicine in the development of countries and regions, traditional Chinese medicine research and development of new products, a variety of advanced training information, recommended books, etc. to the reader. As the "world of Traditional Chinese Medicine," Journal of accomplishing quality international journals, so that the medicine better for human health services, we are welcome to write articles for the journal or make recommendations, and work together to "the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine," Journal of success. (Translated by machine.)