World Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine 2006 Issue 1 ti ci
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World Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine
2006 Issue 1
ti ci封2-插10
xin xi,15,21,28,37,42,53
Review on clinical study of apoplexy in Chinese medicine in 20th century
YUAN Chang-jin;YUAN Meng-shi
System evaluation of RCT in treating middle/later period of gastric cancer with Chinese medicine
ZHANG Xue-bin;YU Shao-yuan;LUO Yun-jian;HUANG Sui-ping
Clinical study of Bufei Jiandu mixture by spray inhalation on preventing radiation pneumonitis
HU Bin;XIE Zhi-chu;YANG Shu-te;LIU Hai-yang
Experience of treating cancer in midlle-late stage
ZHENG Wei-da;ZHENG Dong-hai
Effects of electro-acupuncture in Neiguan points on Adenosine and Genes Expression of bcl-2 in Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury rats
YAN Jie;LIN Yaping;TIAN Yue-fong;WANG Chao;CHANG Xiao-rong;YI Shou-xiang
Effect of Wumei pills on expression of α1 Ⅰ procollagen mRNA in hepatic fibrosis rats
ZHANG Bao-wei;ZHAO Zhi-ming;LI Ai-feng
Development and current state of Chinese medicine in Japan
LIU Jing-chao;ZHANG Xiu-chuan
Clinical experience of Mr. Shi Hai-cheng
SHI Kai-ge;SHI Cai-ge;HUANG Du-gao;SHI Shao-bo
Experience of Professor Lu zhi-zheng on use of medicine
SU Feng-zhe;YANG Jia-ping
Study on children constitution in Shaoyang
LIU Bi-chen
zhong xi yi jie he de fang xiang
deng tie tao
chuang kan ci
lu zhi zheng
Observation of comprehensive treatments for scissor gait of pediatric cerebral palsy
QIN Qin;ZHANG Xiao-qin;ZHANG Hong-mei;YUAN Su-mei
Intervention effect of Yishou Tiaozhi tablet on free radical and blood fat in carotid atherosclerosis
XUE Zhu;ZHENG Shi-fu;ZHANG Rong-hua;HUANG Rong-hua;YANG Lie;HU Zhi-bing;ZHU Bing-kuang
Clinical research of Sanchashenjing Tongketing on treatment of primary trigeminal neuralgia
ZHANG Guo-tai;ZHAO Yi;LIU Fang-zhou;MA Kai
Effect of Mukdenia rossii koidz on antioxidating in hyperlipemia rats
JIA Xiao-ying;YAN Wei;LIU Bo-yan
Application of FT-IR in identification of Chinese medicinal materials
GUO Xiao-yu;LEI Jing-wei;FAN Ke-feng;BAI Yan;JIA Yong;SUN Su-qin;ZHOU Qun
Effect of Piantoutong-1 on plasma NT, ANP and central 5-HT in Migraine model rats
XU Xiang-dong;ZHAO Mao-lin;ZHENG San-xia