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World Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine

ISSN 1673-6613 
Organizer: zhong hua zhong yi yao xue hui  
Publisher: shi jie zhong xi yi jie he za zhi she  
Description: "The world of Traditional Chinese Medicine" by the director of China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association of Medical Science and Technology Journals (monthly, CN11-5511 / R, ISSN1673-6673), followed by the publication based, in the west the principle of equality, based on China, the world. Creation of expert forums, clinical experience, medical history of literature, experimental research, clinical research, acupuncture research, drug research, ideas and methods, summary and other sections, to demonstrate at home and abroad in Chinese medicine and the field of Integrative Medicine in the new methods, new results, Progress, to inherit and promote the traditional Chinese medicine, improve the international status of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to promote to the world to contribute. This publication abroad of Chinese medicine, TCM clinical, research and teaching staff for the readers. (Translated by machine.)