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World Science and Technology-Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

ISSN 1003-1898 
Organizer: zhong ke yuan ke ji zheng ce yu guan li ke xue suo  
Publisher: shi jie ke xue ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: "World Science and Technology - Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine," Journal of the Social Development Division in the Ministry of Science, Chinese Academy of Life Science and Biotechnology Council, the State Administration of Traditional Science and Education under the guidance of founder, set the strategic, policy, guidance, and academic science and technology as one of the leading journals, with high authority, is currently the most active in the pharmaceutical sector, the greatest impact on the social contribution of one of the largest journals. Science and Technology of China in 2005 was named the core journals. Chinese Medicine for the national publication, research, production, distribution, teaching, clinical, export and other relevant departments and personnel. Its purpose is to promote Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine publicity strategy to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine, international and intellectual property protection, the Chinese medicine industry into the 21st century, one of China's pillar industries, thereby benefiting all mankind. Publishes content: the state strategic plan of modernization of Chinese medicine, progress and policies: from medicinal seed breeding, cultivation, Pieces cooked until the process of drug research and development of Chinese medicine basic research results, methods, standards, etc.: from medicine up to trend of industrial development of medicine and practice; of Series Standard Specification for research, development and practice; Chinese Medicine International market demand, prospects, international strategies, policies, measures and examples of the way Chinese medicine into the country, and reporting procedures; China outside the departments of Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and regulations of intellectual property protection, status, measures and typical examples; the use of information technology to accelerate the internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine; other relevant TCM modernization and internationalization of new ideas, new theories, new methods. Main sections: modernization of Chinese medicine monographs, strategic decisions and regulations, ideas and methods, high-tech applications, pharmaceutical preface, traditional Chinese medicine resources protection, drug analysis and identification, basic research and clinical applications, market analysis and forecast, intellectual property protection, Chinese herbal medicine production and base construction, industry economic studies. A national magazine as the only Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for research and teaching departments, medical units and industrial sectors on the latest achievements and promote the transformation of Chinese medicine to promote clinical experience, demonstrate new technologies, new processes, and promote standardization of Chinese medicine, scale. Publication has now been "China Academic Journal (CD)", "China Journal", "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Articles - Digital Periodicals", "Chinese Pharmaceutical Abstracts", "Chinese Medicine Literature Database "as your source journals. The magazine is a bimonthly throughout the year 6. (Translated by machine.)