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World Environment

ISSN 1003-2150 
Organizer: guo jia huan jing bao hu zong ju xuan chuan jiao yu zhong xin  
Publisher: shi jie huan jing bian ji bu  
Description: "World Environment" by the Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration and the United Nations Environment Programme jointly organized by the authority of the Comprehensive Environmental Publications. Journal founded in 1983, there has been the only highlight, authority, policy, professionalism, knowledge and service features, much environmental officials at all levels, environmental protection enterprises, overseas people and environmentalists welcomed the sessions . "World Environment" aims: This paper describes the environmental protection policies in China and the world, tracking the latest environmental protection industry, spread of the world environment, and introduced the world's environmental technology and new products for the Chinese environmental protection services; for all levels of government decision-making services for environmental protection bigger and stronger service industry, a series of United Nations Environment Programme and the bridge between the Chinese environmental protection, environmentalists do mentor sessions. "World Environment" is intended for all levels of government officials, officials at all levels of environmental protection, environmental protection enterprises and related industry personnel, foreign-invested business people, and sessions of interest of environmental protection. "World Environment" each issue is also related to the central leadership to the United Nations Environment Programme, the various ministries and the national bureau <in city> level and above leaders, national embassies and consulates in subscriptions. Read "World Environment", readers will delight exquisite color of the text and moving between images in the world, changes in the human environment in a relaxed read, while aware of the nature of early warning of human living space, understanding of national environmental workers in the defense of human the efforts made to their homes. Sharp writing style and unique perspective, a broad mind, so that readers learned a lot. "World Environment", the green bridge to the world! (Translated by machine.)