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World Standardization & Quality Management

ISSN 1002-610X 
Organizer: zhong guo biao zhun hua yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: shi jie biao zhun hua yu zhi liang guan li bian ji bu  
Description: "World Standardization & Quality Management" was launched in January 15, 1964, is the former State Science and Technology Commission, the State Press and Publication Administration approved the founding of the central journal, is by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine director, China Institute of Standardization host, is the field of standardization and quality management expertise, application, guiding both the large monthly. Youfadaihao to 2-662, domestic and international public offering, priced at 10 yuan each. In 1964, the CPC Central Committee to carry out the adjustment and implementation, consolidate, enrich and improve the eight-character principle, to adapt to the situation of the development of standardization to improve the technological level of standardization, China Science and Technology Information Institute, the Chinese foreign scientific and technical literature Compile Committee compiled and published the "World Standardization & Quality Management", the predecessor - "Standardization Translations" bimonthly. For reasons known magazine ceased publication in October 1966 until August 1973 to resume publication. Monthly 1978 to 1979, changed its name to "foreign standard dynamic", replaced by China in 1983, edited and published by National Institute of Standardization. 1986, to further adapt our economic and social development, to expand the scope of coverage, magazine changed its name to "World Standardization & Quality Management." Magazine Since it began, in order to improve the management of enterprises and institutions, enterprises and institutions to improve the quality of work, product quality and social and economic benefits for the purpose; to Publicizing of important international standards and national standards, discuss and exchange the world of standardization and quality management advanced ideas and advanced methods and new experiences as the main content. Always adhere to the actual needs from domestic, both universal and improve the editorial policy, attention to promoting the characteristics of both home and abroad. From the founding date of the magazine to promote international standards and international standardization of responsibility for the implementation of active use of international standards and foreign advanced standards of the policy made the necessary preparation and technical preparation of public opinion; Since 1973 began, a large number of quality foreign coverage management, quality control of information, especially the Japanese total quality (TQC) and Quality Management Group (QCC) in the case, for the introduction of total quality management in China has made a contribution; 1984, the first in containing a translation of ISO9000 quality management and quality to ensure that family of standards (Draft) and related documents for the development and Publicizing of the corresponding national standards, to carry out pre-made quality system certification preparation and publicity; 1989, a large number describes the certification audit, the standardization of high-tech, etc. ; In recent years, focus on brand strategy for the WTO trade rules, environmental management standards, occupational safety and health management standards, corporate social responsibility standards and national standardization strategy, the national technical standards system, standardization and reform of the media coverage. 40 years for the development of standardization and quality management business, the quality of the revitalization of the Chinese nation has made its due contribution. "World Standardization & Quality Management" main sections are: business management, quality management, quality management, brand strategy, quality and technology, standardization, enterprise standardization, standardization of high-tech, agricultural standardization, certification, ISO9000 Forum, ISO14000 Forum, WTO forum Talent works. (Translated by machine.)