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ISSN 1003-8809 
Organizer: shan xi sheng sha ji kai fa li yong ke yan zhong xin  
Publisher: sha ji bian ji bu  
Description: "Sand spike," was sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation Society of Professional Committee of Seabuckthorn, Seabuckthorn Office of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission, the Office of Shaanxi Province, development and utilization of sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn development and utilization of Shaanxi Province and Hebei Research Center Group, jointly organized by Xing God. To reflect the development and utilization of seabuckthorn and research new technologies, new experiences, new results-based, with domestic and international reports and studies on the dynamic development and utilization of seabuckthorn academic, technical and comprehensive guidance combining scientific journals. The main content of seabuckthorn varieties of resources and development, comprehensive development and utilization (ecology, food, medicine), resource development and conservation, water conservation, the Spring and Autumn figures, entrepreneurs, forums and other aspects of academic and applied technology research papers, important research, research dynamic, market information, reviews, and translations and Translation and so on. Articles from the development and utilization of seabuckthorn cause actual conditions, integrate theory with practice, adhere to the policy of economic construction, development and utilization of sea buckthorn for leadership at all levels, institutions, research institutions, processors leaders, scientists and farmers, forest, soil and water conservation, biology, medicine and other institutions and students read the reference, the vast number of specialized households mentor seabuckthorn cultivation. Sinorama invited former vice chairman of the CPPCC, Chinese Academy of Engineering Qian Zhengying comrades, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Shan Lun Fellow, Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Northwest A & F University, Professor Li Zhenqi, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chang'an University, Professor Li Peicheng as a consultant, renowned scholars and experts in the country as sarin editorial board members, Yuan Haizhen the editor in chief researcher. (Translated by machine.)