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Journal of Shihezi University(Natural Science)

ISSN 1007-7383 
Organizer: shi he zi da xue  
Publisher: shi he zi da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is organized by the University Shihezi a comprehensive academic journals. Publication based on the school, and the country, focusing on academic, publishes the biological sciences, agricultural sciences, medicine, science and engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural science disciplines of basic research and applied research papers. Audience of scientists at home and abroad. Publication since 1997 has been the United States CA Abstract Database Search institutions of international and domestic literature database search of several national organizations included, 1996, 1999, was taken as the first choice, "Chinese Science" CD-ROM and Articles Digital Periodicals the first into the series, online journals. The journal is quarterly, A4 format, domestic and international public offering, dated the 25th annual publication of 3,6,9,12. (Translated by machine.)