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Petrochemical Technology & Application

ISSN 1009-0045 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you lan zhou shi hua gong si zhong guo shi you lan zhou hua xue gong ye gong si  
Publisher: shi hua ji shu yu ying yong bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1983, the original title, "Portland Technology", by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Company, Lanzhou and Lanzhou Chemical Industrial Company Petrochemical co-sponsored a technical publication; bi-monthly, A4 format, public; national unity ISSN CN 62-1138/TQ, International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1009-0045; 10 monthly publication, Circulation 3000. Readers engaged in the petrochemical industry for domestic and foreign scientific research, design, production and management of large engineering and technical personnel and related institutions of higher learning and students. Magazine has repeatedly been rated as excellent journal of China's petrochemical industry is now as "China Science and Technology Citation Index", "China Academic Journals" (CD), "Articles" source journals and is the United States, "Chemical Abstracts" ( CA), "Engineering Materials Abstracts" (EMA), "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts" (SA) and Russia, "Digest Magazine" (AJ) of the source journals. Reports concerning the petrochemical industry of new products, new equipment, new technology development, industrial applications, technological achievements and products in the petrochemical industry in the production process of industrial automation, computer technology, analytical techniques, green chemical technology; major columns are: Petrochemical Forum, research and development, industrial technology, green chemistry, nanotechnology, research alerts, practical technology. Since it began, always adhere to the scientific research and development combined with the industrial production of the Journal, focusing on the industrial application of new technologies, reports, engineering and technical problem-solving measures, the technological transformation of existing technology and equipment, results and new products, new technology research and development results for domestic and foreign petrochemical dissemination of technology, communication has played a larger role by the industry, readers love. (Translated by machine.)