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Acta Physiologica Sinica
2013 Issue 1
Insulin promotes proliferation of skeletal myoblast cells through PI3K/Akt and MEK/ERK pathways in rats
YU Huan;ZHANG Min;ZHAO Yong;WU Ping;CHEN Pei-Liang;LI Wei-Dong * The Systems Bio-medicine Key Laboratory of Jiangxi;Jiujiang University;Jiujiang 332000;China
Relationship between simulated weightlessness-induced muscle spindle change and muscle atrophy
ZHAO Xue-Hong 1;FAN Xiao-Li 2;* 1 Medical Function Department;Medical College of Hubei University of Arts and Science;Xiangyang 441053;China;2 Department of Physiology;Medical College of Xi’an Jiaotong University;Xi’an 710061;China
Effects of estrogen and phytoestrogens on endometrial leakage in ovariectomized rats and the related mechanisms
LI Hong-Fang 1;2;*;DUAN Ying 1;3;WANG Long-De 4;TIAN Zhi-Feng 1;QIU Xiao-Qing 1;ZHANG Ying-Fu 1;ZHANG Hua 1;2;YANG Li-Na 1;2 1 Department of Physiology;College of Basic Medicine;2 Key Laboratory of Preclinical Study for New Traditional Chinese Medicine of Gansu Province;Lanzhou University;Lanzhou 730000;China;3 Gansu Provincial Cancer Hospital;Lanzhou 730050;China;4 Affiliated Hospital;Gansu Chinese Medical College;Lanzhou 730020;China
A protocol for primary dissociated astrocyte and neuron co-culture
SHI Ying;ZHOU Mi;JIANG Min * Institutes of Brain Science and State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology;Fudan University;Shanghai 200032;China
Behavioral and neurobiological abnormalities induced by social isolation as a useful animal model of schizophrenia
LEI Ming;LUO Lu;MA Shi-Qi;ZHANG Yan;WU Xi-Hong;LI Liang * Department of Psychology;College of Life Sciences;Speech and Hearing Research Center;Key Laboratory on Machine Perception;Peking University;Beijing 100871;China
Inhibitory effect of quercetin preconditioning on tunicamycin-induced apoptosis in macrophages and its mechanism
YAO Shu-Tong 1;2;#;MIAO Cheng 1;#;LIU Qing-Hua 3;LI Yan-Yan 1;TIAN Hua 1;WANG Yun-Yun 4;MA BianYing 4;FANG Yong-Qi 2;*;QIN Shu-Cun 1;* 1 Institute of Atherosclerosis;Key Laboratory of Atherosclerosis in Universities of Shandong;2 College of Basic Medical Sciences;3 Department of Clinical Laboratory;Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical University;4 Grade 2008 of Biotechnology;Taishan Medical University;Taian 271000;China
Electroacupuncture improves learning-memory of rats with low estrogeninduced cognitive impairment
TANG Xi;TANG Cheng-Lin *;XIE Hong-Wu;Song Yun-E Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy;Chongqing Medical University;Chongqing 400016;China
High-frequency stimulation on cell soma induces potentiation of intrinsic excitability in VTA dopaminergic neurons
WEI Chun-Ling;LIU Zhi-Qiang;LIU Yi-Hui *;REN Wei Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Modern Teaching Technology and College of Life Science;Shaanxi Normal University;Xi’an 710062;China
Application of confocal simultaneous scanner unit in the study of forebrain neurodevelopment in zebrafish
SHI Ying;GAO Jing-Xia;PENG Gang;JIANG Min * Institutes of Brain Science and State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology;Fudan University;Shanghai 200032;China
Modulation of hippocampal glutamate and NMDA/AMPA receptor by homocysteine in chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced rat depression
LIU Hui;WEN Li-Min;QIAO Hui;AN Shu-Cheng * College of Life Sciences;Shaanxi Normal University;Xi’an 710062;China
Metabolites of long-time preserved-acutely isolated rat cardiomyocytes affect Ltype Ca2+ channel current
YUE Zhi-Jie;SHENG Juan-Juan;XIE Man-Jiang;YU Zhi-Bin * Key Laboratory of Aerospace Medicine;Ministry of Education;Department of Aerospace Physiology;the Fourth Military Medical University;Xi’an 710032;China
Effects of SUMOylation on the subcellular localization and function of DAXX
LI Ling 1;WEN Juan 1;TUO Qin-Hui 1;2;*;LIAO Duan-Fang 2 1 Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmacology;University of South China;Hengyang 421001;China;2 School of Pharmacy;Hunan University of Chinese Medicine;Changsha 410208;China
Oxidative stress and calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II contribute to the development of sustained β adrenergic receptor-stimulated cardiac hypertrophy in rats
LIU Yan-Li;LIU Ben #;QU Yang-Yang #;CHAI Hui-Juan;LI Rui;ZHANG Ling * Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology;Basic Medical School;Tianjin Medical University;Tianjin 300070;China
Excess nicotinamide increases plasma serotonin and histamine levels
TIAN Yan-Jie 1;**;LI Da 1;**;MA Qiang 2;GU Xin-Yi 2;GUO Ming 3;LUN Yong-Zhi 1;SUN Wu-Ping 1;WANG XinYuan 1;CAO Yu 4;ZHOU Shi-Sheng 1;* 1 Institute of Basic Medical Sciences;Medical College;Dalian University;Dalian 116622;China;2 Department of Neurology;Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Dalian University;Dalian 116001;China;3 College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering;Dalian University;Dalian 116622;China;4 Department of Physiology;Institute of Basic Medical Sciences;China Medical University;Shenyang 110001;China
Angiotensin II activates large-conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channels in human mesenteric artery smooth muscle cells
WEN Jing;CHENG Jun;LI Peng-Yun;MAO Liang;YUE Xiao-Lan;LI Chang;YANG Yan * Department of Electrophysiology;Institute of Cardiovasology;State Key Laboratory;Luzhou Medical College;Luzhou 646000;China