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Acta Physiologica Sinica
2010 Issue 3
Pulmonary innervation, inflammation and carcinogenesis
LIANG Yong-Jie1; ZHOU Ping2; Warangkhana WONGBA1; Juan GUARDIOLA1; Jerome WALKER1; Jerry YU1;2;* 1Department of Medicine; University of Louisville; Louisville; KY 40292; USA; 2Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology; Shanghai Medical College; Fudan University; Shanghai 200032; China
LASS2 interacts with V-ATPase and inhibits cell growth of hepatocellular carcinoma
TANG Ning1;2; JIN Jie3; DENG Yun2; KE Rong-Hu2; SHEN Qiu-Jin2; FAN Shao-Hua2; QIN Wen-Xin2;* 1Shanghai Medical College; Fudan University; Shanghai 200032; China; 2National Laboratory for Oncogenes and Related Genes; Shanghai Cancer Institute; Shanghai 200032; China; 3School of Life Sciences; Jiangsu University; Zhenjiang 212013; China
Expression and properties of potassium channels in human mammary epithelial cell line MCF10A and its possible role in proliferation
LIU Jia1; FENG Shuang1; ZHANG Lei1; WU Zheng1; CHEN Qian1; CHENG Wei3; WANG Shi-Qiang4; ZOU Wei1;2;* 1College of Life Science; Liaoning Normal University; Dalian 116029; China; 2Liaoning Key Laboratories of Biotechnology and Molecular Drug Research and Development; Dalian 116029; China; 3 School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering; Dalian University of Technology; Dalian 116026; China; 4 College of Life Sciences; Peking University; Beijing 100871; China
Experiment-time affects the cognitive behavior in aged Sprague-Dawley rats
DENG Shi-Ning; SI Wen; SUN Li-Juan; ZENG Qing-Wen*; CAO Xiao-Hua* Shanghai Key Laboratory of Brain Functional Genomics; Key Laboratory of Brain Functional Genomics of Ministry of Education; East China Normal University; Shanghai 200062; China
Inhibition of Jingzhaotoxin-V on Kv4.3 channel
CAI Li-Jun; XU De-Hong; LUO Ji; CHEN Ren-Zhong; CHI Yu-Peng; ZENG Xiong-Zhi*; WANG Xian-Chun; LIANG Song-Ping Key Laboratory of Protein Chemistry and Developmental Biology of Ministry of Education; Hunan Normal University; Changsha 410081; China
Protective effects of omega-3 fish oil on lead-induced impairment of long-term potentiation in rat dentate gyrus in vivo
CAO Xiu-Jing1;*; CAO Jie-Jie1; CHEN Ting-Ting1; CHEN Wei-Heng2; RUAN Di-Yun 2 1School of Public Health; Anhui Medical University; Hefei 230032; China; 2 School of Life Science; University of Science and Technology of China; Hefei 230027; China
High glucose increases periostin expression and the related signal pathway in adult rat cardiac fibroblasts
ZOU Ping 1;2; WU Li-Ling1; WU Dan1; FAN Dong1; CUI Xiao-Bing1; ZHOU Yun1; WANG Cheng1; LI Li1;* 1 Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology; Peking University Health Science Center and Key Laboratory of Molecular Cardiovascular Sciences; Ministry of Education; Beijing 100191; China; 2 Department of Pathophysiology; Luzhou Medical College; Luzhou 646000; China
The technique of simultaneous recording calcium transients and spontaneous transient outward currents in arterial smooth muscle cells
LI Peng-Yun; ZENG Xiao-Rong; LEI Ming; LIU Zhi-Fei; YANG Yan* Institute of Cardiovasology; Luzhou Medical College; Luzhou 646000; China
sheng li xue bao tou gao jian ze
High-resolution patch-clamp technique based on feedback control of scanning ion conductance microscopy
YANG Xi1; LIU Xiao1; ZHANG Xiao-Fan1; LU Hu-Jie1; ZHANG Yan-Jun 1;2;* 1China National Academy of Nanotechnology and Engineering; Tianjin 300457; China; 2Tianjin National Bio-Protection Engineering Center; Tianjin 300161; China
Antidepressant effect of microinjection of neuropeptide Y into the hippocampus is mediated by decreased expression of nitric oxide synthase
LIAN Ting; AN Shu-Cheng* College of Life Science; Shaanxi Normal University; Xi’an 710062; China
Activation of mGluRI in neutrophils promotes the adherence of neutrophils to endothelial cells
LIU Xue-Yun1;2; LIU Yong1; LI Jin-Feng1; YUE Shao-Jie3; SHEN Li1; LI Chen1; HAN Jian-Zhong1; XU Jian-Ping1; FENG Dan-Dan1; LIU Hui-Jun1; LUO Zi-Qiang1;* 1Department of Physiology; Xiangya School of Medicine; Central South University; Changsha 410078; China; 2Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Fuzhou 350108; China; 3Department of Pediatrics; Xiangya Hospital; Central South University; Changsha 410078; China
Effects of modulation range and presentation rate of FM stimulus on auditory response properties of mouse inferior collicular neurons
LI An-An1;2; ZHANG Ai-Ya1; CHEN Qi-Cai1;*; WU Fei-Jian1;* 1 College of Life Sciences and Hubei Key Laboratory of Genetic Regulation and Integrative Biology; Central China Normal University; Wuhan 430079; China; 2 Department of Life Sciences and Chemistry; Hubei University of Education; Wuhan 430205; China
The change of thioredoxin system in myocardial tissue of type 2 diabetic rats undergoing myocardial injury
ZHAO Xiao-Qin1; ZHAO Jun-Jie2; LI Xiao-Yu1; ZHANG Yan1; JIAO Xiang-Ying1;* 1Department of Physiology; Key Laboratory of Cellular Physiology; Shanxi Medical University; Taiyuan 030001; China; 2Shanxi Sport Vocational College; Taiyuan 030006; China