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Journal of Shanghai University(English Edition)

ISSN 1007-6417 
Organizer: shang hai da xue  
Publisher: shang hai da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Shanghai University" is the principal advocate in the chang and support founded in June 1997 of. Published by Shanghai University Press publication, "Shanghai University" (English) Editorial Board Editor, Shanghai University of periodical distribution. Articles with Reviews, Articles, Letters, Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations and other columns report covering the natural sciences and engineering a variety of areas, mainly in applied mathematics and mechanics, information technology, electrical engineering and automation, material science and engineering areas. Importance of innovative academic journal. Money magazine Foreword principals in the research is divided into three categories: the first with new theories and methods to solve new problems; the second category with a new theory to solve old problems or new ways to use existing theories and methods to solve new problems; first three types of existing theories and methods used to solve old problems. The first priority will be published in journal papers, also published papers on some of the second, instead of the third type of paper. Articles not published in the official publication of the only publicly published research papers. Articles published in addition to Shanghai University faculty and graduate students the latest research results, but also other universities and research institutes publishing experts and scholars of outstanding academic papers, and published in the paper on the selection and non-discriminatory. Journal particularly welcomes the National Natural Science Foundation projects and the state eight hundred sixty-three research papers and research papers of overseas students, senior scholars are also welcome feature review articles, journal reports are also in the form of Letters stage research scholars . This publication issued to foreign countries to nearly 20 foreign literature search of publications and databases and on schedule to send hundreds of university libraries. So far, this issue has been a number of important international publications or search the database included. They are the United States, Engineering Index (EI Page One), the UK Science Abstracts (SA-INSPEC), Russia's Digest magazine (РЖ), Japan Science and Technology Literature quick report (CBST), United States, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), American Mathematical Review (MR), United States, Applied Mechanics Reviews (AMR), Germany, MATH (ZBI), United States, Chemical Abstracts (CA) such as the included journals. The publication also is full of domestic four abstracts database and a number of professional publications included. Welcome domestic and foreign experts and scholars submission, the submission of the detailed requirements on the publication Call for Contributions. Articles domestic and international public offerings, joint subscription service through the Department of Tianjin, Beijing-day subscription book, but also directly to the Shanghai University of periodical subscriptions. (Translated by machine.)