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Journal of Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

ISSN 1671-0258 
Organizer: shan xi zhong yi xue yuan  
Publisher: shan xi zhong yi xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Shanxi Provincial Health Department director of The Medical College sponsored scholarly journals, is a bimonthly publication of every double-end, domestic-oriented public offering comprehensive academic journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China ISSN: CN14-1265 / R , international ISSN: ISSN1671-0258), post offices throughout the country (community) can subscribe to, you can also subscribe directly to the editorial office. Problems in the forefront of medical science Piyou, medical history of literature, experimental Chinese medicine, clinical research, clinical experience, biological medicine, Chinese medicine formulations Engineering and Technology, Intellectual Property Forum of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine industry forums, expert interviews, literature review, etc. more than 20 columns, magazine follow the "Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a new development, reflecting the high level of achievement in medical research, clinical experience provide the essence of time, to actively promote academic exchanges in the Western efforts to develop the medical technology masters of thought contend" , a unique part designed for the majority of authors and readers to provide a broader and more flexible creative thinking and learning space. (Translated by machine.)