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Forestry of Shaanxi

ISSN 1003-2460 
Organizer: shan xi sheng lin ye gong zuo zhan  
Publisher: shan xi lin ye bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1956, nearly half a century of history, is director of the Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province, only a science and technology journals. Magazine always adhere to the correct purpose of the magazine, for the construction of the province's forestry, renowned for promoting science and technology have done a lot of work to effect, so that a large number of Shaanxi Province, the cause of building in forestry emerged on the achievements, new experiences, new models, new ideas, new initiatives have been widely publicized, a large number of applicable advanced new, unique, sharp forestry science and technology, ecological construction in the province has been the promotion and application of large-scale, national policies have been timely, accurate and effective publicity, the National Stone Sand hero light silver, sand control Heroine Niu Yuqin outstanding party members and the national forest system, Yang Wenzhou advanced models such as deeds, are the first to publicize to the community through the magazine reported. (Translated by machine.)