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Qilu Pharmaceutical Affairs

ISSN 1672-7738 
Organizer: shan dong sheng yao pin jian yan suo  
Publisher: shan dong yi yao gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: "Qilu Pharmaceutical Affairs" magazine in 1982, Shandong Province Food and Drug Administration in charge of the domestic public offering of comprehensive scientific journal publishing. Issues of national unity: CN37-1420 / R, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1672-7738. Journal set of knowledge, academic, practical, and service in one of the major initiatives of the "Drug Administration Law" and other pharmaceutical regulations and the national, provincial guidelines and policies related to drug administration, theoretical study pharmacy administration, communication Drug Administration experience, published information bulletin drug administration, pharmacy administration at home and abroad and the introduction of new domestic and international medical research developments, new trends, new theory and safe use of knowledge, exchange drug development, testing technologies, new knowledge and new methods for drug administration and drug research, production, operation, use the service for medical rapid, coordinated and healthy development of services for the people safe and effective drug services. Drug supervision and management system for the publication and drug research, production, operation, use, teaching the majority of pharmacy management unit and technical personnel. (Translated by machine.)