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Journal of Psychiatry

ISSN 1009-7201 
Organizer: shan dong sheng jing shen wei sheng zhong xin  
Publisher: jing shen yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Spirit Medicine" by the National Science and Technology, the State Press and Publication Administration approval, the spirit of domestic and international public offering of academic medical journals, scientific papers, Department of Statistics Source Journal of China (China Technology Core journals, Certificate No. G953-2007), significant influence is the one of professional journals. China Standard Serial Number: ISSN1009-7201 CN37-1454 / R. Bimonthly Youfadaihao :24-208. Service first, quality first. For the purpose, focus on reports psychiatry, psychology, mental health and medicine related subjects such as the latest academic trends and research information. On the set, papers, academic exchanges, short a and case reports, review, academic forums and adapt to the mental health workers, clinical psychologists, nursing and other related professionals to read. (Translated by machine.)