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Journal of Shandong University of Finance

ISSN 1008-2670 
Organizer: shan dong cai zheng xue yuan  
Publisher: shan dong cai zheng xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Shandong University of Finance" is sponsored by the Shandong University of Finance Journal of Finance and Economics, published in 1989, an excellent journal of Shandong Province, east China an excellent journal, "China Journal" and the "Articles - Digital Journals" Journals Cited . Academic journal dedicated to promoting the spirit of innovation, to promote academic freedom and equality, pay attention to theoretical innovation, closely linked to the hot spots and frontier era issues, reported positive financial results of the latest theoretical research and promote academic exchanges, with theoretical studies, finance and taxation, financial and insurance, finance and accounting, business management, international trade, economic law, the local economy and other columns. "Shandong University of Finance" for the domestic and international public offering, the domestic unity ISSN CN37-1301 / F, International Standard Serial Number ISSN1008-2670, advertising business license No. 3700004000185. The journal is bi-monthly, large 16 mo, text 88 pages, four color, price 10.00 each. As the mainstream finance and economics journals, "Shandong University of Finance" of the readers all over the country colleges and universities, financial and tax authorities, financial institutions, large and medium sized enterprises and other units, have become academics, financial sector leaders and business managers mentor. (Translated by machine.)