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Journal of Sichuan Normal University(Natural Science)

ISSN 1001-8395 
Organizer: si chuan shi fan da xue  
Publisher: si chuan shi fan da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Founded in 1973, the predecessor publication of "Sichuan Teachers College" (University of Arts combined issue), separated in 1978, Arts, Natural Sciences founded by a quarterly to bimonthly In 1991, domestic public offering. Issues of national unity for the CN51- 1295 / N. ISSN International Standard Serial to ISSN1001-8395, by the publication in 1989 of Sichuan University Natural Science Research Excellence Award in 1990 won the third prize of Excellent Science and Technology Journal, 1992, of provincial second prize of Excellent College, Journal of Sichuan Province in 1993, Outstanding Award, 1995 Outstanding Journal of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province in 1999 won the second prize of natural science and technology journals, periodicals in 2000 was awarded the second prize of Excellent in 2001, selected "Chinese Journal Square Journal of double effect "- this is the first time in the Press and Publication Administration of China selected the outstanding provincial level or above (best) journals, and was" published in China "as the quality of Chinese journals. I Journal of the comprehensive nature Science Journals, adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guide and actively participate in international academic exchange, promoting technological development, prosperity research, integrate theory with practice, and strive to improve academic standards for teaching, research and services for the community modernization construction services for the economic revitalization and culture contribute to the development of education. I Journal Since it began, has always put quality first, adhere to the academic standards of the paper, the Journal published my article, there have been political and not academic and other aspects of the error. I Journal of Science and Technology of China Statistic source journals, has joined the "China Science and Technology Journal (CD)", "China Journal", "Articles", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", "Chinese Science Citation Database "," Chinese newspaper index database "and" Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database. "Since 1985, our journal has been organized by the Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences," Abstracts of Chinese Mathematics "," Chinese Physics Abstracts "," China Abstracts of Inorganic Chemistry "and other well-known search journal abstracts as a core source. I s attention to the quality of promoting exchanges to communication for development, in addition to relevant domestic intelligence center, provincial and municipal libraries and university libraries and reference rooms subscribers exchanges, but also has with the United States, Germany, Britain and Russia and Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known databases and abstracts have established long-term exchange relations. According to the China Research Society of Natural Science College in 2002 to incomplete statistics, our journal abstracts by the following famous Search journal journals or databases as the source. In order to improve the quality of the whole, I Journal print special emphasis on the quality of the school schedule, for the sake of articles to the standardization and continuous improvement of internal quality. Our journal has also focused on the integration arrangement, the configuration of the computer, digital copiers, laser printers and laser scanning advanced typesetting system for high-quality presentation of the material laid a good foundation. (Translated by machine.)