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Journal of Sichuan Police College

ISSN 1009-8410 
Organizer: si chuan jing cha xue yuan  
Publisher: si chuan jing guan gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Sichuan Police Academy" is the approval of the State Press and Publications Summer School organized by Sichuan police public offering of domestic and foreign publications, "of" based on the police education, research and public security work, public service purpose of the magazine team building, Piyou Sociology, Law Forum, criminal research, criminal investigation, security management, criminal technology, police management, police training, police practices, such as columns, since the former "Public Management Institute of Sichuan," founded in 1988, a total success Chukan 82. Ten years, the editorial department to forge ahead, strive to improve the management level, "of" quality, increasing capacity, amplification, binding increasingly fine, 2006 is National Excellent Social Science Journal, editor, editing, and editing are also awarded the school more than books kinds of awards. Looking to the future, "Sichuan Police College" leap-forward development prospects! (Translated by machine.)