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Progress in Textile Science & Technology

ISSN 1673-0356 
Organizer: fang zhi gong ye ke xue ji shu fa zhan zhong xin si chuan sheng fang zhi gong cheng xue hui si chuan sheng fang zhi ke ji qing bao zhong xin zhan  
Publisher: fang zhi ke ji jin zhan za zhi she  
Description: "Advances in textile technology," Introduction "Textile Science & Technology," founded in 1979, the textile Industry, Science and Technology Development Center (formerly the Ministry of Textile Science and Technology Division) and the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Textile Engineering, Textile Science and Technology Information Center station in Sichuan Province, jointly organized by the National Science and Technology Department of Press and Publication Administration for approval of a comprehensive domestic and international public offering of Textile Science and Technology Journal (International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1673-0356, the domestic unified Issues CN51-1680/TS), "Textile Science and Technology Progress" as the bi-monthly, every two- end of the month published, large 16 mo, 96 pages, each nearly 30 million words. "Textile Science & Technology" was "Textile Digest" and other publications are widely excerpt, the text edited into China Journal Net and Articles - Digital Periodicals, and "The Chinese Academic Journal (CD)", "China Academic Journal," " Chinese core journals (selection) database "and" Chinese science and technology periodical database "included, as" Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "Source Journals," China Textile Digest "as the selection of a large quantity of literature Textile Journal is one of the first 20 2004 was the "China Academic Journal (CD)" Editorial Board of Standardization and Evaluation Center awarded the first "CAJ-CD specification," Journal of the implementation of outstanding awards. "Advances in Textile Technology," Invited quarter GB Academy of Sciences, Academician Meizi Jiang, Yao Mu Yuanshi and a number of famous experts and scholars as a consultant or editor of the journal. China Textile Industry Association, Du Chau, wrote the title for the magazine. "Textile Science & Technology" will be fabrics as a link, link on the middle and lower reaches, comprehensive reports textiles, clothing, chemical fiber manufacturing, textile auxiliaries and textile equipment manufacturing industry, new technologies, new processes, new products the new equipment. Highlight the innovative, interdisciplinary, systematic approach; focus on practical, informative and readable, so that readers can fully understand the different levels and in all the textile side of scientific research achievements and the overall level of development. (Translated by machine.)