Decoration 2010 Issue 4 Study on the Transformation and Development of Modern Twistable Glaze Ceramics
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2010 Issue 4
An Interview with Japanese Fashion Designer HIROKO KOSHINO
Hiroko Koshino;Sun Xuefei,56-57
The study and Practice on Teaching of Fashion Design
Sun Xuefei
The Semiotics of Extraordinary Dress: A Structural Analysis and Interpretation of Hip-Hop Style
Marcia A.Morgado;Liu Xiaoqin;Dou Qian
Visual Merchandising of NIKE TOWN in London
Shen Fei
Thinking in systems: Design and Otherwise
Deborah K Holland;Fan Yiwen;YuYang
The Daniel Arasse\'s Study Methods of Art History
Zheng Yikan
A Report of the Patchwork Art Exhibition
Liu Qi,58,封2,封3
xin xi dong tai,40,67,71,75,89,97,108
The Synthesis of East and West in the Ottoman Architecture of the Tulip Period
Gauvin Alexander Bailey;Zhao Wei
History and Structure of Fashion