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Journal of Combustion Science and Technology

ISSN 1006-8740 
Organizer: tian jin da xue  
Publisher: ran shao ke xue yu ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the burning of fields of academic journals, founded in 1995, after approval of relevant departments, publication to bimonthly in 2002. The second year was EI, CA and other search agencies included many famous in the country and the Tianjin Science and Technology journal was rated excellent rating in several journals and won awards and was selected in 2001 Journal of the National Journal of double-effect matrix. National University in 2004 won the best competitions in the journals Science and Technology edited and published by Quality Award. Become a well-known academic journals combustion industry in expanding the international influence in 2004, 111 papers have been published, including the Fund the total project funding paper 83%, EI compendex Indexed rate of 98%. (Translated by machine.)