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Chinese Journal of Ergonomics

ISSN 1006-8309 
Organizer: zhong guo ren lei gong xiao xue xue hui an hui san lian shi gu yu fang yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ren lei gong xiao xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the head of the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Ergonomics Society and the Institute of Anhui triple accident prevention co-sponsored journals, quarterly, domestic and international public offering, published every quarter January 20. 2 publication follows the four basic principles, and implementing the Hundred Flowers, and strive to learn and practice the important thought of Three Representatives, with the times, been published in the areas of ergonomics of the new results, new information, to promote efficiency Development of the Study, and promote domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation and promote the commercialization of research results, industry. 3 publication is intended for all types of technology, government, enterprises management, decision-makers, is more suitable for ergonomics and related disciplines, teachers, researchers, graduate students, engineers and technicians to read. 4 This publication has on the technology and methods, research and discussion, review, information and dynamic, such as columns, with a focus reflect the following elements: ergonomics, their field of specialization (management ergonomics, ergonomics, environment and safety ergonomics , cognitive ergonomics, transportation ergonomics, biomedical ergonomics, ergonomics, standardization and application of ergonomics, etc.) research and ergonomics in science and technology, industry, defense, medical, transportation and other areas of application of the results. Theoretical Ergonomics new developments and trends, as well as in domestic research, education, development and application of strategic thinking and so on. Ergonomics and other technical sciences, social sciences intersection of the new principles, new ideas and new methods. 5 Articles for the Chinese scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China), Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED) Source Journals, has been a large number of domestic full-text journals included in the database, was awarded the first "CAJ-CD Specification "the implementation of an excellent journal. Many domestic universities, research institutes (including more than first-class universities), in the title and degree awarding accreditation has been designated as National Journal magazine. (Translated by machine.)