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Lubricating Oil

ISSN 1002-3119 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you run hua you gong si zhong guo shi you run hua you ke ji qing bao zhan  
Publisher: run hua you bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine exclusive coverage of the domestic oil research, production and application of the whole process of journal, from the China Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum oil lubricants co-sponsored by Information Station. Over the years, novelty, refinement is the same purpose, as a bridge between authors and readers is our greatest happiness. To this end all our staff work hard to constantly improve the quality of journals to give readers a more valuable and more accurate specification information. "Lubricant" in the Chinese oil industry has a broad impact, more and more popular peers oil, attention and love, has been the United States, "Chemical Abstracts", Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM and CNKI included. (Translated by machine.)