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Chinese Journal of Tropical Crops

ISSN 1000-2561 
Organizer: zhong guo re dai zuo wu xue hui  
Publisher: re dai zuo wu xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Tropical" is approved by the former State Science and Technology Commission, sponsored by the China Society of Tropical Crops national academic publications (quarterly, founded in 1980, the domestic unity ISSN: CN46-I019 / S; International Standard Number: ISSN1000-2561 ), is the only area of tropical crops senior academic journals. Tropical crops Selected papers related education, research reports, test summary, thematic review, discussion and other academic articles. Reported include the Brazilian rubber tree, pepper, coffee, a hemp, vanilla, coconut, cassava, sugar cane, tropical fruit, medical herbs and other crops in the selection and breeding, biotechnology, cultivation of ecological, physiological, biochemical and biological testing, pest control, soil agricultural products processing and utilization of tropical crops and other aspects of test statistics innovative theoretical and technological achievements. Currently, the "Tropical" has more than 200 news organizations and domestic journals or publications established exchange relations with foreign academic institutions and the United States, Britain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, France, Colombia and other countries universities, research institutes and libraries were established more than 20 units of exchange relations publication; International Rubber Research and Development Committee IRRDB and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture CIAT has "Tropical" into their database. "Tropical" remarkable achievements in the Journal, won several awards in recognition of the parties concerned. I2 January 1992 by the National Science and Technology Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the National Press and Publication Administration awarded third prize of outstanding scientific and technical journals appraisal; September 1994, Hainan Province was named the outstanding scientific and technological periodicals; November 1994 granted by the State Education Commission of the National College of Natural Science Excellent third place. China Agricultural Society in 1996 by the Society of the Second National Agricultural mouth outstanding Series Award. In 1999, Hainan Province in 2005 was named outstanding scientific and technological journals. (Translated by machine.)