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Dyestuffs and Coloration

ISSN 1672-1179 
Organizer: shen yang hua gong yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: shen yang hua gong yan jiu yuan  
Description: Journal founded in 1958, and by the National Science and Technology Commission jointly approved by the Ministry of Chemical Industry Liangbu Wei, domestic public offering of the school of science and technology journals. Articles organized by Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, the main contents include: domestic and international fine chemicals, especially dyes, organic pigments, dyeing techniques, dyes and dyeing industry and the latest developments in related fields, research, science and technology and new products , new technology and new equipment. Journal articles, "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), "Engineering Index" (EI), "China Chemical Abstracts," and so a lot of excerpts. "Dyes industry" is the field of fine chemicals, especially dyes and textile printing and dyeing industry, the core journals. (Translated by machine.)