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Qilu Journal

ISSN 1001-022X 
Organizer: qu fu shi fan da xue  
Publisher: qi lu xue kan bian ji bu  
Description: "Qilu Tribune" was founded in April 1974, Qufu Normal University is hosting a comprehensive humanities and social science journals. Over the years, "Qilu Tribune" has followed "based on the world famous hometown of Confucius culture, highlighting the Confucian school of Qilu culture, emphasis on basic theory of Social Sciences, adhere to double hundred promote innovative and realistic approach," the purpose of the magazine to academic level as the primary criterion for choice manuscripts, to optimize the topic, strengthen the characteristics of solid and rigorous style of study to promote, encourage their views, support for freedom and equality, mutual respect, academic discussions and contending that continuously improve the quality of academic publications, the articles published by other newspapers reproduced excerpts of Pianci and the ratio of its kind in the country among the best journals; publication is also expanding the social impact, "Press Guide," "to the world" and many other newspapers, have made a special report on the journal or Introduction. "Qilu Tribune" in recent years has been rated as an excellent journal in Shandong Province, China Chinese core journals, core journals Humanities and Social Sciences of China, Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) selection of periodicals, the National Social Science Journal hundred Chinese Humanities and Social core journal Science reported that the Chinese source of Humanities and Social Sciences Journal Citation Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, and several selected R · R · BOWKER the United States published by the International Journal authoritative reference book of large, "Wu Lixi International Journal of Guide "in the international academic community has a good influence and reputation. (Translated by machine.)