Light Metals 2013 Issue 10 Discussion on project management of aluminum reduction engineering
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Light Metals
2013 Issue 10
Discussion on project management of aluminum reduction engineering
Yan Shaoyong;Northeastern University;Inner Mongolia Datang International Recycling Resource Development Co.;Ltd.;
Palaeoenvironment of the formation of karst accumulation-type bauxite——A case in western Guangxi of Pingguo mine
Huang Chenhui;Lv Yong;Luo Weiqun;Chen Zhen;Shan Keqiang;Nong Hengjie;Hu Zhipeng;Institute of Karst Geology;CAGS/Key Laboratory of Karst Dynamics;MLR&GZAR;The No.274 Team of Guangxi General Institute of Geology Exploring for Nonferrous Metals;North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power;
The research on the method of improving capacity of evaporators
Liang Liqiang;Alumina Pilot Plant of Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co.;Ltd.;
Experimental testing and numerical simulation of the flow field of aluminum hydroxide agitation tank
Sun Xiang;Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering and Research Institute Co.;Ltd.;
Study on digestion performances of bauxite by microwave roasting
Liu Xue;Huang Fang;Zhao Pingyuan;Jiao Baolong;College of Materials and Metallurgy;Guizhou University;
Simulation investigation the effect of liquid aluminum surface oscillation on anode current and cell voltage in aluminum electrolysis cell
Wang Yongliang;Sun Shuchen;Tie Jun;Tu Ganfeng;Zhao Rentao;Zhang Zhifang;School of Materials and Metallurgy;Northeastern University;North China University of Technology;
Reutilization of dry barrier in 300kA aluminum reduction cells
Wang Ping;Chen Qian;Zhao Yingbin;Zhang Hu;Sichuan Aostar Aluminum Co.;Ltd.;
The research of busbar optimization on magnetic field distribution of aluminum reduction cells
Liu Jie;Li Hesong;Xie Lifang;Yankuang Ke’au Aluminum Corporation Ltd.;School of Energy Science and Engineering;Central South University;
Comparison of several mixing processes in prebaked anode production
Sun Yi;Guan Huai;Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering and Research Institute Co.;Ltd.;
Study on thermo-physical properties of calcined petroleum coke
Zheng Bin;Liu Yongqi;Wang Zuoren;Liu Ruixiang;Wang Zuofeng;Gao Zhenqiang;School of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering;Shandong University of Technology;Weifang Lianxing Carbon Co.;Ltd.;
Corrosion resistance of cerium salt chemical conversion coating on ZM-5
Zhu Rongxia;Wang Cuixiang;Li Chao;Institute of Science;Air Force Engineering University;The Second Brigade of Students;Institute of Science;Air Force Engineering University;
Status and trend of titanium slag production technology in the world
Zou Jianxin;Xu Hui;Materials Engineering Department;Panzhihua University;Key Lab of Sichuan On Titanium and Vanadium Resource;Leshan Vocational and Technical College;
Effects of melt overheating method on the solidification structure of Al-18%Si alloy
Luo Song;Wei Xiaowei;Zheng Li;Li Hangxing;School of Material Science and Engineering;Xihua University;
Electrical resistance behavior of La55Al25Ni10Cu10 bulk metallic glass
Liu Boyang;Huang Meiting;Ye Feng;State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials;University of Science and Technology Beijing;
Harmlessness comprehensive utilization of spent cathode carbon blocks from aluminum reduction
Zhan Lei;Niu Qingren;He Hua;Hou Xin;Hao Shaowen;Pan Zhiyuan;China Power Investment Corporation Ningxia Qingtongxia Energy Aluminum Group Co.;Ltd.;