Light Metals 2011 Issue 6 Application research of filtering equipment in bauxite concentration
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Light Metals
2011 Issue 6
The influence of the form of ZrO2on the properties of corundum-spinel castables
SHI Wei-na;ZHANG Ying;ZHANG Jun-zhan;DUAN Feng;XIAO Qiang-qun
Production practices of low voltage operation in 400 kA pre-baked anode reduction cells
HUANG Dong-biao;BAI Ming-chang;GUO Qing-feng
Practice and technology discussion of SY400 prebaked aluminium reduction pot
ZHANG Gang-zhi;LI Yan-wei
The analyses of Chongqing 800kt/a alumina project
TANT Shi-jian
Analysis of defects on Al-Si/SiCP composites by casting
LI Ming-wei
xin xi dong tai,49,55,58,61,64
Current situation and development of vetical retort magnesium reduction process
LIU Yong;YOU Guo-qiang;HUANG Yan-yan
The industry application of the micron-sized 4Azeolite synthesis by Single-step crystallization process
YU Cun-zhen;WANG Yan-ling;XU Chang-Jian;CHANG Sheng
Tension analysis and simulation in the two stands aluminium strip cold rolling mill
YANG Jing-ming;LI Lian-fei;CHE Hai-jun
Discussion on the index optimization of gibbsite digestion
ZUO Lin-ju,26
Pre-baked anode production strategy to deal with tendency of CPC change
ZHANG Xin-hai;BAO Chong-ai;GAO Shou-lei,44
Testing practices of instantaneous current efficiency of aluminium cell
MA Bing-yuan;SUN Zhen-bin;DAI Ying-fei;XIAO Yong-feng;CA0 Hai-ping;LIU Hu-lin
The research and development of modular vertical magnesium reduction system under HTAC combustion mechanism
SUN Yang;CHAI Yue-sheng;HOU Bing-yang;ZHANG Min-gang
Brief discussion on document control in project management
ZHANG Hui-ning;GUO Wen-chao;SUN Xiao-hong