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Light Metals
2006 Issue 4
Application and Production of Al-Sc Alloy
YANG Shao-hua;QIU Zhu-xian;ZHANG Ming-jie
Optimized engineering of carbon block stacking crane
WANG Lin-hua
A feasible discussion on dry materiel preheating system in the carbon green anode production
WANG Yan-kai;FAN Wen-guo;ZHANG Shi-rong
The Application of Coal-Water Slurry in Magnesium Reduction Furnace
XIA De-hong;GUO Liang;ZHANG Gang;XU He;HUANG Yin-shan
Design of pneumatic control pipeline in pot and compressed air pipeline in potroom
ZHU Dan-Qing;CAO De-Zhi;ZHANG Wan-Fu
Design of the Object Oriented Managed Software in Aluminium Electrolytic Computer Control System
LI Jie-jia;WU Cheng-dong;ZHANG Xiao-xia;ZHU Dong-hua
Study of a novel method for measuring moisture of Al(OH)3 by means of microwave technology
HUANG Ming;PENG Jin-hui;ZONG Rong;YANG Jing-jing