Light Metals 2004 Issue 3 lv -pet guan
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Light Metals
2004 Issue 3
lv -pet guan
lv su pao zhao
The study of increasing the current efficiency in aluminum smelter
a li ni ke jia la
The oxidizing features of cathode and rammed paste when aluminum reduction cell is baked with fume
chang bao long ; wu cheng bo ; zhang li ; zhang bing huai
On - line measurement of initial crystallization temperature and molar ratio of bath
liu yong gang ; qin wen zhong ; ren feng lian
Study of making absorption water compound materials with the gangue from bauxite benefication
wang jian li ; wang huai de ; huang jian
The measures of harmonic control of thyristor rectifier unit
gao xi xin ; xu xiang ; liu shi sheng
Review of Super plasticity and Damage of Magnesium Alloy
song mei juan ; wang ling yun
Making automobile magnesium alloy with electrolytic magnesium process
jiang jie ; li hong wei ; gao yan qing ; liu fang
The application of non - conventional type anode in 114.5 Ka pre - baked anode cell
hu yu lin ; yang tao ; zhong xiang ming